finish off

finish off
1) (to complete: She finished off the job yesterday.) completar, acabar, terminar
2) (to use, eat etc the last of: We've finished off the cake.) terminar
3) (to kill (a person): His last illness nearly finished him off.) acabar con
finish off vb terminar / acabar
I just want to finish off this letter sólo quiero terminar esta carta
finish off
rematar v.
1) v + o + adv, v + adv + o
a) (complete) terminar, acabar
b) (exhaust) dejar agotado or (fam) hecho polvo
c) (consume) terminar, acabar
d) (kill) matar, acabar con, liquidar (fam)
2) v + adv (conclude) terminar, acabar, concluir* (frml)
1. VT + ADV
1) (=conclude) terminar
2) (=use up, consume) terminar(se), acabar(se)

he finished off the bottle in one swallow — se terminó or se acabó la botella de un trago

3) (=exhaust) dejar destrozado, dejar hecho polvo *
4) (=kill) [+ victim] acabar con, liquidar *; [+ wounded person/animal] rematar; (=defeat) [+ opponent] derrotar, vencer
VI + ADV (=end) terminar, concluir frm

I'd like to finish off by proposing a toast — quisiera terminar or frm concluir proponiendo un brindis

let's finish off now — terminemos ahora

* * *
1) v + o + adv, v + adv + o
a) (complete) terminar, acabar
b) (exhaust) dejar agotado or (fam) hecho polvo
c) (consume) terminar, acabar
d) (kill) matar, acabar con, liquidar (fam)
2) v + adv (conclude) terminar, acabar, concluir* (frml)

English-spanish dictionary. 2013.

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